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Guangzhou Keruida Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Is a leading enterprise specializing in the r&d, production and sales of LED power supply. Its power supply products involve LED waterproof power supply, LED lamp, LED tube light, LED embedded light, LED ceiling lamp, LED wash wall lamp, LED buried lights, LED miner's lamp driver, LED street lamp driver, everyone's concern, particularly sharp optronics technology co., LTD can provide solutions and technical support for many companies, are more likely to have special requirements for certain power independently design, can give the commercial lighting, indoor lighting, building lighting products provide the most cost-effective power. .....

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The advantages of Keruida photoelectric products.
Company closely with their own devices and leading edge technology design, with the domestic first-class foundry, encapsulation testing contract to maintain close cooperation and cooperation, strict control of product quality, to ensure the quality of products of high quality and stable supply....
Why choose Keruida?
TThe positioning of the company's products: the performance and reliability of the imported brand and the domestic big brands, the application positioning of high-end, cost-effective, focus on the brand, quality and reputation....
Compare with other company products.
The company has a strong development team, with many years of experience in the development of LED constant current sources and the latest research and development technology, especially in the field of safety and EMC....

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